Main Features and Functions:

Richpeace Digitizer is a useful tool for all kinds of industrial data digitization need, i.e. Garment Manufacturing, Fashion Design, Map Making, Mining, Punching and Environment Protection. It saves set up time with more than 30 popular software parameter preset inside the digitizer. User friendly, compatible to most popular graphic applications, i.e. AutoCAD, Mapgis, Citystar, Mapinfo, Arcinfo, MicroStation, Supermap, Openinfo, Optitex, Arise, Billy, Cyber, GmCAD, Genamap, ViewGIS, MapEengin, ILWIS, SvCAD DoCAD and Tajima Series, etc.... Furthermore, it supports workstations like SUN, SGI and others.
  • Technology: Electromagnetic
  • Baud Rate: Up to 19200
  • Hardware Interface: RS-232 Serial Interface
  • Output Rate: Up to100pps
  • Power requirements: 220v+/-10%,50HZ

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